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Skydive Toledo is a United States Parachute Association training center. We are proud to say that we have been teaching people to skydive since the 1970s. The most current method of training to achieve your skydiving license is Accelerated Freefall, known as AFF.

AFF is a seven jump training program. It is the beginning of the progression through your 25 jump requirement to petition for your first license through the USPA. If you choose to learn to skydive using the AFF method, you will:

  • take a 5 hour class including lecture, video and practical application
  • receive freefall training with your instructors
  • jump from between 10,000 - 13,000 feet
  • freefall for up to a minute with the assistance of your instructors
  • deploy your parachute and fly it to the dropzone

...and that's just the first jump! Skydive Toledo's instructors will assist you in your progression toward your A license every step of the way. Book early. The courses are held Sunday mornings at 8:30, and they can fill up quickly.